Occasionally after closing on your new home you or your agent will contact the utilities companies to transfer the utilities bill to your name. (The previous owner will probably shut the utilities off closing day or later that week so you will have to call as soon as possible to prevent your utilities from being turned off.) 

Here are some of the most common utilities companies and their numbers for Georgia centering around Douglasville/Atlanta area. (People living in Georgia rural areas often have no choice in which utility company they use, because usually there is only one utility company available for their area).

Electric Companies

  • Georgia Power 1(888)-660-5890
  • Greystone                                             770-942-6576
  • Cobb EMC                                            407-423-9100
  • Carroll EMC                                          770-832-3552

Water Companies (This is usually controlled by the county you live in.)

  • Douglas County Water Authority          (770) 949-7617  
  • Atlanta Department of Watershed        404-658-6500
  • City of Villa Rica Water                         678-785-1000
  • Carroll County Water Authority             770-832-1277
  • Paulding County                                   770-443-8110
  • Marietta Power and Water                    700-794-5100
  • Cobb County Water                              770-423-1000
  • Gwinnett County Water                        770-822-8000

Gas Companies (Just a few of the big companies.)

  • Georgia Natural Gas                          1(877)850-6200
  • SCANA Gas                                       1(877)427-4321       
  • Gas South                                             877-472-4932
  • Austell Natural Gas                               770-948-1841